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Totally free 4K footage under Creative Commons license

Dear friends, we have to unfortunately disable the free download for the 4K library, as an individual operating under the name of (USUL or USULMOADIB or Massimiliano Cardinali) is dumping the material on major stock footage platforms claiming copyright and abusing uninformed users and charging them for the free material. This is not conform to the free use that we grant everybody under our Creative Commons License. It is a fraud towards all users that do not know that our material can be used for free.

We are thankful for every information that can help to identify the individual and have notified the major footage platforms about this facts and hope to soon reestablish the download for all you guys that rely on this material.

For any information please mail to


As the clips are huge, you can download only one clip at a time. Having many concurrent requests, we try to be democratic to provide everybody with a decent download bandwidth and speed.


Free use

Our clips are for free under Creative Commons V4.0 BY license, which includes also free commercial use. Please accurately read the license before using these contents in your projects.

Creative Commons License


Our clips are 100% free. Any donation is highly appreciated, but not mandatory, specifically when using the content in advertising spots where attribution to the author(s) is not possible.